Siena is more than just another outside resource to your medical practices. We become part of your team, working together to increase your revenue stream.

How are we different?

We work harder to insure your practice collects every dollar due. We are diligent and pay close attention to the details of claims submissions and appeals.

We work smarter. Years of experience provide us insight on how to accelerate and increase payments from insurers. We know:

Specific diagnosis and charge codes each insurer seeks,


Special submission requirements sought by insurers, and


The proper documentation that triggers prompt payment.


Most important, we do not just submit forms. We pursue all claims persistently and aggressively.

We work better with carriers.
Over the years, we have developed excellent lines of communication with insurers, HMOs and IPAs. Our close working relationships with carriers greatly improve claim response time and help solve problems that would ordinarily prvent payments.

We work more efficiently
with powerful computer systems that enable you and your staff to have open access to your billing and collection data at all times. Because you can keep track of your accounts, you're always in control.

We work the way you do
, by developing a customized billing and collection solutions that build on how you and your staff presently pursue claims. We work with you to develop a system that is good for everyone, and increases both your efficiency and revenues.